Alexis bledel milo ventimiligia really dating

So I think it's OK at this point — especially with the way the show's gone this year.

TVG: Let's talk a little bit about your relationship with your TV mom.

“That was a big part of their relationship, so it makes sense that that’s the role he plays in her life.

I think, in a way, she looks to him for that.” Ventimiglia adds: “Jess was always the troublemaker, but when you take a troublemaker that’s grown up, they are an instigator and more so, a thought provoker.

And for me, personally, it's exciting to think of how much my life will change when the show does end. I have no idea, because I don't even know if we'll be lucky enough to do a seventh year.

When you are on something like this for so long, and it's so all-consuming, it's just exciting to... It's sort of year by year with television, so I think, as it gets closer, it'll be easier to decide.

But when it came time for to bring the women back together in season 6, it wasn’t Lorelai who ended up getting through to Rory.

Instead, the show brought back (now reformed) bad boy Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) to talk some sense into the youngest Gilmore.

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TVG: Everyone's talking about the show's big resurgence this season. That's really fun for me, because for a long time, I was the youngest person by far. TVG: How do you feel about doing the show for a couple more years? While it's certainly positive that they would want to continue the show for a couple more years, we're probably closer to the end than we are to the beginning. Bledel: That's a decision I'll make at that time, if it's a possibility.

TVG: Speaking of movies, you play a prostitute in Sin City.

Did you worry at all that you might alienate your younger fans?

We have hung out outside of work, and it's fun, but we see each other so much at work that it's almost like if we hung out outside of work, we'd hang out all the time! TVG: That would certainly cut down on the time you have available to spend with your boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia (ex-Jess). Bledel: It's just, the articles I read when I was younger, they said the only way [a Hollywood romance] works is if you don't talk about it, and I agree with that. Bledel: We're both fairly private about our personal lives.

And also, it's your stuff, and if you share things that are too personal with a magazine or with your public, it's sort of like it's not really yours anymore, it's shared information and it's not special to you anymore. I think people with personalities who like to talk about what's going on in their lives, they'll talk without really knowing how it's going to come back and bite them, and generally, it does. I don't really talk about it, because relationships are so personal, but they're also so fragile.


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