Vb net cancel validating event

You can read the full text of past Basically Visual columns. Here I present solutions to a few problems that I have encountered in my programming. Customizing the Web Browser control Avoid using the Internet Transfer control Validating web links Sending email from a Visual Basic program Clear all Text Boxes on a form Create blinking text on a form Display 3-D text on a form Change Text Box margins Aligning controls at a specific position Don't forget the Tag property Sizing a Form's interior Getting colors from a Picture Box control Auto Redraw and the Paint event Capturing screens from a Visual Basic program Filtering Text Box input Getting and using screen information Clipping the mouse cursor Move the mouse cursor in code Drawing "rubber-band" boxes Undo for Text Box controls Disable a form's Close button Modify the System menu Accept only uppercase letters in a Text Box Keeping a form on top Using custom mouse cursors Ensuring that all forms unload Remembering a form's size and position Support formatted text with the Rich Text Box control Toggling a form's title bar at run-time Understanding the Combo Box control Get to know the Sys Info control Changing Combo Box height Implement auto-find in a List Box Selecting all text when a Text Box gets the focus Save time with control arrays Adding controls to a form at runtime Scrolling controls on a form Understanding the Key Preview property Create a pane splitter Changing text alignment for Forms and Picture Boxes Create an "auto-OK" dialog box Create a "Sticky" Button Creating Graphical Command Buttons Implementing mouse-over effects Using the Picture Clip control Implement a Mouse Exit event Fire a Command Button repeatedly Create a temporary file name Verify that a path is writable Determining the type of a drive Using INI files for program settings Deleting files to the recycle bin Dragging files to your Visual Basic program Display file properties Display a select folder dialog Reverse character order in a string Parsing strings Is that on a weekend?

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Column 12 (February/March 1998): Creating and using custom events.A macro condition is an expression that enables a macro to perform certain tasks only if a specific situation exists.A condition can check the value of a field, or compare the value in the field to another value.When you use a condition, the macro will follow one of two paths, depending on whether the condition is true or false.For example, you may want to perform certain tasks in the database only when a specified condition it true; you might want the macro to check and see if a field in your database form contained a value, if not, the macro will execute a command to prevent you from saving the record.You will find lots of tips and tutorials for using visual basic in Excel.


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