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The dream-date has gorgeous hair, beautiful eyes, and a breathtaking smile. Find out how the Internet is changing the way we plan that walk down the aisle.But that same catch soon turns out to be selfish, unreliable, and unstable. Read on to find out why men and women keep falling for jerks. Former staff writer Kelly Fitzpatrick takes a personal look into the world of health and fitness within relationships.This time around, she talks to bloggers Alice and Martin about cooking as a couple.Former staff writer Kelly Fitzpatrick talks to trainer Andrew Kalley and gym-wear designer Kelly Dooley about making it work as a fitness-minded couple.Turns out definitions of “friendship” and “love” may be more complicated than we once thought.Finally, the answer to the “Our Body, Ourselves” question nobody was ever brave enough to ask.

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Turns out monogamy is actually uncommon in most human cultures around the world.Twenty-somethings can be pretty clueless when it comes to safe sex, and that can have serious consequences for their health. Read on for tips to make your sex life more eco-friendly.Research suggests watching porn can make viewers more prone to sexist attitudes and behaviors.Whether it’s the result of a breakup or the death of a loved one, heartbreak can be an overwhelming experience.Fortunately, there are lots of tips for coping with the pain. In the first of a series of columns on modern relationships, psychiatrist Dr.On again, off again, then back on—turns out those tumultuous relationships are pretty common among young adults.


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    “He still doesn’t understand what he did wrong.” Mr. Park, who was wearing a suit that never appeared in the film, his initial reaction was characteristically gushing. “I thought it was fabulous.” But as he took another fortifying gulp from a Cosmopolitan, he hinted that maybe he did have some sense of what was going on around him.

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    “Ruby” airs Sunday nights at 8 pm et/pt on The Style Network. Holly Lebowitz Rossi is Beliefnet’s Health editor and the co-author of the holistic health blog Fresh Living.

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