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Glenn decides to help a stranded survivor named Irene; however, Irene is revealed to be bitten and commits suicide upon taking Carley's gun.

Upon returning to the drugstore, Lee comes to the conclusion that his parents were killed by walkers.

The group has survived three months at the motel, but food is scarce, and their explorations of nearby facilities have yielded little, though that have found and rescued Mark.

Later, they come across high schoolers, Ben Paul, Travis, and their band teacher, David Parker.

Lee excuses himself to look for Mark, and finds him near death, his legs cut off. Johns practice cannibalism, but the family overpowers and separates them.

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Still uneasy about the farm, Lee and Kenny discover a butchering room in the back of the barn before they are called for dinner.The game is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard; it was developed by Telltale Games as is Season 2.In March 2013, Telltale announced that The Walking Dead will be ported to the Play Station Vita, later revealed in June 2013 to be a retail release, including a special Vita bundle package that would include the game, the "400 Days" episode, and additional content.The group goes into a scuffle with Lilly's father, who quickly encounters a heart attack afterwards and requires medication from a nearby pharmacy.Another member of the group, Glenn, decides to salvage for supplies in a motel; however he is stranded in the motel, leading Lee and a news reporter, Carley to rescue Glenn.On the way back, the group finds an abandoned car with food and other supplies, including batteries. Johns, the bandits have turned their attention to the motel, and Kenny expresses an urge to move on using an RV he has fixed up.


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