Christian dating does he like me

He must see that you know you are precious, priceless, valuable and that you respect yourself and him.

You are not “easy” to get sexually – you are very difficult to “have” because you have godly standards and save sex for marriage according to God’s Word.

I am going to share some ideas with you – these are suggestions.

I am NOT infallible, or an expert on dating – and I am DEFINITELY not the Holy Spirit.

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She does not aggressively pursue a man – trying to make him be hers no matter what the cost – putting him above Christ in her life. If you are aggressively pursing him and/or trying to control him, he may feel smothered by you.

The point is, if you like a girl, you can drop all kinds of hints, but girls use anything short of direct declarations as cause to doubt. When my sisters tell my little brother that a girl likes him, he usually responds, “Yeah, that’s probably true.” But what I’m telling you is, you have to directly tell a girl you like her.

But people with a mature emotional foundation don’t have trouble letting others know how they feel. One thing I’ve learned is, if you don’t tell them how you feel about them, they won’t know. It was obvious to me and everyone else that he really liked her, but she kept saying, “But he hasn’t told me anything.” When this guy asked my sister to marry him, it shocked her.

Understanding body language flirting is essential for Christian singles. It’s basically a collection of all the nonverbal clues a guy (whether he be a Christian or not) gives out when he’s interested in woman.

Just to be clear, not all body language flirting is a conscious decision on the part of the single guy, but may in fact be a subconscious behavior.


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