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Joanne remarry George Simpson, his daughter Mona took his stepfather name, she is today a successful novelist Mona Simpson, she and her mother reconnected with their brother Steve but no such thing happened with Jandali.

While he stays in the dark when it comes to his famous son and daughter he speaks proudly of their achievements.

We all know Apple former CEO Steve Jobs was adopted at birth, but what do really know about his biological father Abdulfattah Jandali?

Let me tell you just a few things about Steve Jobs’ father..

In the Celebrity Parents Mag interview, Wilkos said that his wife plays a really important role in shaping the show and his life. The site noted that during a segment about a brother and sister sleeping together, she did her best to stop him from breaking into laughter.

By Arrangement with Warner Special Products See more » Entertaining, Insightful, Funny, Moving. Immediately after viewing the DVD I ran the director's commentary that was nearly as entertaining to listen to as the film was!All of the participants in the commentary (including the director, writer, and both leads) were intelligent, amusing, and and very entertaining: I wanted to invite them all over for dinner and play poker and talk philosophy (and of course, the Tao of Steve) until dawn.I take that back, after viewing the stunning photography of the film, I want them to invite *me* to dinner in Sante Fe!In his early 30s, the beer-bellied Dex has things figured out.He's widely read in philosophy, he's studied Steve Mc Queen the prototypical cool American hero, and he's distilled Buddhism and Taoism into three laws that make him a hit with women: don't express desire, do something heroic in front of her, then retreat.On February 24, 1955 by the time was 23 he and Joanne welcome their son in San Francisco, a week later they gave him to the Jobs who named him Steve Paul Jobs.


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