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Watch a 4-D movie (featuring all the capabilities of a 3-D film plus in-theater special effects), see dinosaur fossils and witness a Van de Graaff generator re-creating lightning indoors.Opt for a trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History on the hallowed university campus to see plant and animal specimens from around the world.Choose your adventure in Chicago, a Midwestern gateway to culture where you’ll marvel at the architecture, views of Lake Michigan and nearly limitless dining options.Find sweeping vistas in the John Hancock building at the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, 305 meters above the Magnificent Mile, the 13-block stretch of Michigan Avenue with 460 stores, 275 restaurants and 60 hotels.Stroll the cobblestone streets, soaking up the culture amid famous landmarks, open-air marketplaces and bustling wharfs.

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Step inside the Center for Civil and Human Rights, which focuses on the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s and fast-forwards to current global human rights issue.

The nine-hectare Pemberton Place is a center of activity with relaxing, manicured grounds and three must-see City PASS attractions.

At the Georgia Aquarium, marvel at the 38 million-liter aquarium, and learn about whales, sharks, otters, penguins and other marine creatures.

Farther south on the lakeshore, you’ll find the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere.

Explore more than 37,000 square meters of exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry to see robots, engineering marvels, submarines, flight simulators, rainforests and so much more.


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