For the fun of it I just did a hard refresh in Chrome, and now it doesn't work there either. Painted/Water/8c custom palette I'm focused mainly bricked-style due i'm doing a 3D dungeon game prototype, so had more time looking the best preset, here a video: https://When you announced here yesterday that things didn't work they still worked fine for me. v=6k JAl Dvt FRk Btw, as you can see works great too with faces, water, wood, grass(Personally best conversion) and if they are photos or 3D render, just i need to do more examples of the others, specially the 3D render ones that are really the ones that will work best due have the lines/forms/gradients better defined than painted ones ;) [email protected]: I would if I had an actual palette in development. I am slowly dipping my toes back into pixel art by messing around with color palettes.) haha Even though there are more recent versions, I find the version 7.0-sp1 the most stable and user-friendly (and the best looking one). I also tend to make ramps where brighter colors have less saturation and darker colors have more saturation, which makes it hard to use a full-saturation color (e.g., red) as a "midpoint" on a ramp. I have been following it since its first test versions and it has come a long way now.Works nice on windows 10anyone have any recommendations for a pixel art-friendly image viewer/browser for Windows? Of course it has its strenghts and weaknesses depending on the target image's properties but some of the conversions look very impressive.


Officers found “Mr Brett” was Mc Bain and he was arrested at his Balham home in May last year while logged into #The Other Place.

Mc Bain, from Balham, south London, pleaded guilty to 10 charges relating to the distribution of indecent images while Buckley, of Goole, East Yorkshire, who posed as a woman online, admitted a single charge of conspiring to distribute images with him.

Recorder Brian Altman QC sentenced Mc Bain to five years in prison and jailed Buckley for three years.

He told the pair: “This is an extremely grave case of its kind.

Particularly in the case of Mc Bain, the very high numbers and nature of the images involved are quite simply staggering.” He said the channel had been set up with the purpose of distributing “the most disgusting images of children one could ever imagine”.


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