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Twitter was a sea of Texas fans arguing they got horrible calls, something hard for USC fans to take after that Rose Bowl. There was a big yardage discrepancy, but in the end, pretty even. Your greatness is betrayed by your lack of a chin and the beard trying to cover it up. Dude could have slide 35 yards greased up like that. and I enjoyed the pride they showed in the sheer amount of fringe they fit on them. The Malibu-resident and 2nd tier luxury vehicle spokesperson looked like he went to central casting to be a fan. Texas’ band still look like extras from the musical Oklahoma!

Katie Melua, a real Caucasian This matters to me in a concrete manner.

Perhaps English in a Bible film will never quite sound the same after The Passion’s visionary use of ancient languages, but Middle-Eastern accents work better than the British or American English common in the past, and may set a new standard for such films.

This is in reference to The Nativity Story, a 2006 film which starred a half-Maori, half-white, actress, as Mary.

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