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Of all the things I sell, I think 1920s flapper headpieces are my favorite. Chigot" complete with the original silk lining and a small piece of the original price tag attached. Chigot was, but there are still a few of his signed pieces found when googling. For those of you with that smaller head, you'll be thrilled to find this in your size. So I went on a hunt for photos to PROVE the ones with grommets are just as Original! but 8 pairs of these extremely rare sunglasses of old store stock left in a box - untouched in over 40 years!!!! The glasses are each still wrapped in a plastic wrap, and laying in waiting. A lightweight, softish white plastic with writing on the inside of the glasses (or at least the one I opened) with a Patent number and the word "Depose" embossed in the plastic and the word "Courreges" in silver on the exterior earpiece. lived in Brooklyn for years so we would go visit... Excellent condition with just a slight dusting on the back (should clean up... :) I'm sure this is one of those hats that was likely photographed for Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.

This piece is in EXCELLENT CONDITION with just a few minor threads out of place, and just a few minor tears to the silk lining (a lining that is SO rare to find in place at all! This was the look in 1967 (per the Clairol cosmetics ad from 1967 below). It was originally when new, which with inflation equals 5 today. Love the old telephone number with letters for the telephone exchange. ) you will know just how pretty these things look sitting on lace and ribbons. The only thing are the creases at the front toes which could probably be made to practically disappear with some black shoe polish (but I leave things as I find them for those who prefer that! These boots have a sticker on the bottom with the manufacturer and date as it's hard to read the gold company logo inside the top of the boot (see photo). I have no idea what town, or country for that matter! But one pair has already SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available. I wear a size 6.5, and you can see the other size 36.5 size Chanel mule shoe on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... Look at the first photo (after you click on the photo at left) to see the more true color of the feather... Be careful when you purchase a simple 1840s bonnnet... so coming from a museum, you KNOW this is the real thing! Excellent condition hat of a peachy pink straw with glorious stiff ruffly edge of brim! I would have thought this hat might be early 1960s, but the museum tag is 1950. Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores.

This one has that great "pocket" decoration at the one side and the large decorative buttons. Excellent condition just might use new elastic under the chin. The classic padded bonnet from the mid-19th Century era. And even more rarely am I first in line to purchase them for you! This hat is in great condition and has a pretty gray bow at one side (so it could match the jacket below... But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! Excellent condition with a few store scuffs (Small scuff at right front side of right shoe - you can see on the first photo on the left. Ever so slight scuff at back of heel - see photo - note that color in that photo is off... I wear a size 6.5, and you can see them on my wrinkly foot (I wonder if I can botox my feet! :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... I had to lighten photos for you to see the details. Seems I'm not the only one who wondered about who Leslie James might be. it took a grandson and Past Perfect vintage posts to get this information: Leslie James was a combination of James Druce (CEO) and Leslie George Masters, a former film actors in the 1930s at MGM who was encouraged to take up millinery design by the famous Gilbert Adrian. From a museum deaccession and still has the original museum hangtags. Covered in what I think are my favorite flower, silk Lisianthus. The factory was based in Los Angeles with hundreds of employees. so indeed, this hat was displayed at a few museums across the country. ALL huge silk hot pink flowers at the front and large matching satin bows covering the stiff hat back.

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Other than that, you will only find the most minute issues with the bonnet - small holes in the material when held up to light, slightest fraying and slightest misshaping of back of crown if not stuffed. There might be ever-so-slightly creases in the brim... Extremely popular and highly collectable, several of his creations have been reissued, including Le Mustang in 2007. Folds are less pronounced on the one I'm selling, but the scarf was so large, this was the best way to show it to you! Just slips on over the ferrule (top of the parasol) at the small open circle at the center, and then just covers whatever is currently on the parasol. The box exterior is great, and comes with the original white cardboard sleeve. This hat came from a large Museum Displayed Hat Collection, so it's Museum quality! He began his career as an apprentice milliner at Bergdorf-Goodman and then he apprenticed for both Balenciaga and Chanel! EXCELLENT CONDITION with lovely light yellow interior. I might be running out of "flapper headpiece luck". I can only assume that these extremely rare high-style wig cloches were a mark of sophistication. I will give you a COA from stating that with a photo of the original box on that COA. :) from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... He created headwear for the likes of Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Original lining still attached (though could use a few stitches - I'm leaving as found for you! In researching Gladys Millinery, seems she opened her first shop in Coral Gables in 1935. In 1946 his hat prices retailed for .50 - .50 and up to 0 in 1964. Druce retired in 1954 and left the business to Leslie. if Leslie James designs were good enough for Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford..... The only thing wrong really are the chin ties, but this is the besst condition you will likely see for a padded bonnet!!! In my years of collecting, I've actually sold quite a number of these, so I'm assuming they they were quite popular in the 20's. kind of like the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress of the 1970s. No, I think my first assessment is accurate (and I'm stickin' to it! Even though I've had a few, I seek them out and I have to tell you, they are getting MUCH harder to find. Adjustable slightly hammered goldtone metal bands at the top to fit anyone. The perfect accessory for your next 1920's dressup. The cloche is woven into the shape of a classic 1920's hairdo - complete with the finger wavy hairs all over and the pinned up "longer" hair braided at the back and braid coiled at the sides. This will fit a 22" head, as you'd expect a 20s cloche to fit tightly. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... Eventually his hats were wholesaled to department stores. Then added an additional shop in Southhampton, NY some time in the 1960s. Soft red straw tall hat trimmed in green ribbon in the ultimate flower pot shape! Excellent condition, though the hat is pretty much flattened when off the head, it bounces right back to near perfect on the head! I wear a 6.5 M (and I have a slightly wide foot so I need on the wider side of M), and these go on me... It allowed her boss to give stored exclusive rights to certain labels. Some of her other labels were: Lemington, Miss Luci, Sam Budwig, Ronnie, Lucylle Smith, Gilbert, Junior B, Mark III, Suzi B and Mademoiselle Hats. It's a black straw wide brim picture hat with tons of gradated color silk lilacs with green stems and leaves along with the original hat pin in place. So I love to find the ultimate Schiaparelli hat in that signature color! or you could easily refer to it as a "butterfly" hat. A very tall hat that is meant to be worn on your Gibson Girl hairdo. Even includes a 'Certificate of Authenticity' from 20th Century Fox. Here's one of those Victorian bonnets you shouldn't have to live without! Black wired hat covered in black netting, sequins, beads. Deaccessioned from a museum with the original museum tag still dangling. Teens / WWI Era Straw Bicorn Toque Hat Trimmed in Flowers and Velvet! Even though it's called a bicorn, it's more in the shape of a football (please don't try throwing this around the backyard! Caramel colored straw with darker coffee colored velvet ribbon trim, covered with gorgeous pink silk peonies (my favorite flower! These are in great condition and in a wearable size at 7AA (though the old AA seems more like an A today). There is velvet wear to the brim (see photos), but because it's black on black, it's only seen when looking closely. She was the highest paid designer in the hat industry turning out 900 hats a day for 14 labels! They were sold under assorted labels at various stores in various price points with the Luci Puci label being the most expensive. I spend all my spare time looking for the best original flapper headpieces! :) You won't believe how incredible it looks when on! I found a similar hat labeled 1904, so it's a good bet that this was the proper year for this lovely hat. This is the only 'Titanic: Butterfly Hair Comb' authorized for sale by 20th Century Fox. Stamped on the reverse with a '1998 Fox' stamp of authenticity. 1880's Evening Bonnet of Black Lace, Jet Beading and Colored Silk Flowers! 1870's Victorian Bonnet of Brown Velvet, Large Velvet Flowers, Satin Ribbon, Brown Feather and 2 Jeweled Ornaments! There is a netting over the hat at the front to also give it a whispy look. Sadly her style was a bit tame (though what can you expect from a working girl! I'm assuming the theme of these shoes is "Why Don't You Keep in Touch? and this hat has one of the nicer interior bands (see photos). The gold metallic lace with turquoise colored "jewels" or beads shown throughout, along with blue metallic floss detail... Soft light aqua velvet would have been backed with same color netting (that seems to be the only area that has issues (perhaps there were flower decorations there? The only other issue is that is likely would have had a silk lining inside the crown that is missing, but it's unnecessary, just looks messy from the inside. This hat is miroir velvet ("mirror" velvet - so shiny! Has the original matching netting and the hat is covered with matching "leaves" with matching bugle beads. The bonnet in the book is slightly more elaborate, but certainly looks as though it was created by the same milliner... Always made from a base metal, some are silvertone, some in goldtone metal. from a lot, and I don't really deal in new shoes, so .... The butterfly body is accented with an adventurine cabochon and a black faceted stone. Ivory Satin Hat with Rhinestones, Sequins and Dangle Beads! Right now it's my fingers, but I think your hair would look better. You probably have heard that Jackie Kennedy wore "pillbox" hats. They just sit on top of the head and can be round or square. What Jackie Kennedy became famous for wearing, so if it's good enough for her... I only know that from the other hat I have from that museum that is numbered 1899, and it's definitely not from the 1890's! Excellent condition with just one pearl missing from one ornament mostly hidden under feather. it's not original and you can remove or keep on as it helps to wear it. 1888 Victorian Black Velvet Bonnet with Jet Beads, Ostrich Feather and Touch of Purple! Even though it's called a bicorn, it's more in the shape of a football (please don't try throwing this around the backyard! Caramel colored straw with darker coffee colored velvet ribbon trim, covered with gorgeous pink silk peonies (my favorite flower! I usually prefer black to brown, but I have to say that this hat may change my mind!


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