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This story begins when I went to College in England. My husband is away for a few days so I just had to take matters into my own hands. You are a hunky young lad who probably thinks I am a MILF. » Read more Back when I lived with my family it was pretty hard to find a good time and place to enjoy myself properly.

I was brought up by overly strict parents and college was a liberation in more ways that one. As I laid in bed fingering myself I was thinking of how much I love to see Geoff have an ou... Kate left yesterday,and I wouldnt say we are an item, we just enjoyed a nice night together. Or a tired middle aged husband whose wife doesnt put out much anymore. » Read more I remember my mum (who died when I was 14,) making a big deal when puberty started that I was always to b clean and fresh down there. As time passed I got quite good at it or maybe cared less about being found out by them.

I had climbed into a leotard (and noticed Ive already put a little weight on) a... Ill health has meant that I can not really fuck her as hard and fast as she likes.

I dont know why, but from time to time, I feel like writing something intensely personal....almost private...obviously not quite! It was a mixture of something Id heard my parents do, something a friend had told me about at school, and it culminated in me masturb... It also means that in recent months I have found it all but impossible to cum. » Read more The holidays are getting close and last night I had such a wonderful time as I toyed with myself in bed.


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