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It happens when you make yourself part of a community.

And it happens when you commit to something [...] Watch Video Tracing the rate of American innovation over the last 100 years leaves one noticing that somehow K-12 Education got left off the bus.

Video How a gambler saw the world, sought information from odd places and was able to win when everything was at stake. He is a speaker, writer, and magician when not working full time at SCA promotions in Dallas, where he is Vice President of claims and [...] Watch Video During a cross country sign buying trip in July of 2014, Willie bought a homeless sign from Eddie Dunn in Philadelphia, and their conversation was featured in the documentary SIGNS OF HUMANITY.

At the time Eddie was using heroin and living under a bridge.

This linguistically engaging and humorous education policy poetic performance by writer, educator, and designer Thom Browne, combines spoken word, American history, and vivid imagery to paint a comparative timeline of K-12 Education [...] Watch Video Fiddling has evolved from ancient Celtic origins like a language, resulting in distinct American “dialects” such as Bluegrass and continues to evolve to this day.

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Maria Cramer discusses how women can tap into their fearlessness and find their power to make lasting change, [...] Watch Video For more than 3 years, Suzanne Brown has interviewed professional part-time working moms to hear their stories and understand their advice, insights, and challenges. She challenges her audience to read between the lines of American history to find the missing narratives. Candice Bledsoe is a faculty member at SMU’s Simmons School of Education and executive director of the Action [...] Watch Video Educators talk a lot about learner autonomy, but less so about the conditions that promote learners’ feelings of choice and control.Jonathan is a composer from Dallas, Texas, who writes a variety of classical, inspirational [...] Watch Video Encouraging more young women to run for political office.At the rate we are going, it will take 100 years to reach gender parity in elected positions across the United States. Margo comes to IGNITE from a long career in the non-profit and educational sectors, with experience in operations, [...] Watch Video There is POWER in the public/private partnership in public education.Antoine Joyce has served as the City Leader of the All Stars Project of Dallas, the [...] Watch Video Benjamin Franklin was America’s greatest scholar, philosopher, and scientist.And during one of the most crucial moments in our country’s history, Franklin showed up in Paris wearing a goofy fur-cap on his head.We can all choose to not support unethical practices with [...] Watch Video The populations of both children and seniors are exploding in the U.


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