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From a very early age little Christian Scientists are introduced to the idea that there is “no sensation in matter” and every Sunday School closes with the Scientific Statement of Being as found on p. Sensuality must be counteracted by God’s Angel messages passing to man (along with evil), because it distracts from man aspiring to his higher nature.In Mary Baker Eddy’s view, marriage is something that that must be until the Apocalypse and hopefully that happens soon because I’m not sure how much more Ms.These feelings are valid on their own, and do not need to be dictated by Ms. It can be very hard to reconcile the “feels good” with the underlying misogynistic, slut-shaming conservative Christian analogies of the licked cupcake, chewed gum, and “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Eddy’s clear views on sensuality being evil, and that giving power to the material undermines our spiritual nature opening us up to aggressive mental suggestions – for example, a young woman’s sensuality is undoubtedly the cause of her debilitating menstrual cramps, once she re-aligns her thoughts with God things will flow smoothly.

We also provide access to Found Volumes, a computerised index to the Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel dating back to 1900.

On pages 19-20 of Notes on Metaphysical Obstetrics used to teach Class of 1900 (1), Ms.

Eddy has a few choice things to say about the act of procreation, attempting to bring a unique “spiritual” perspective to what sounds like an unhappy bedroom situation (2).

Care for children under the age of three is provided during all of our services.

The subject and content for each week's Bible Lesson-Sermon are the same for Christian Science Churches, Societies, and Informal Groups throughout the world.


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