Dominant women chatroom

But chat rooms are also one of the only places where viewers can discuss what they are seeing in real time with a group of people who are all seeing the same thing.

Communities form around chat rooms, and they sometimes develop their own unique culture and norms of behavior.

Friendless Mc Bain, who revelled in the kudos of his online activities, claimed the chat room dealt in a 'grey area of child porn' although the court heard he had pictures of victims as young as four years old.

Mc Bain, from Balham, south London, pleaded guilty to 10 charges relating to the distribution of indecent images while Buckley, of Goole, East Yorkshire, who posed as a woman online, admitted a single charge of conspiring to distribute images with him National Crime Agency officers were tipped off by Western Australian Police that someone with the username 'Mr Brett' was always in the chat room.

Officers found 'Mr Brett' was Mc Bain and he was arrested at home in May last year while logged into £The Other Place.

The pair described it as 'a channel for the respectful appreciation of youthful beauty'.

On a daily basis the chat room saw up to 60 people globally log in and share links to 2,500 indecent images of children, including some in the most severe category A.


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