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1.) Visit the website and sign up for an account Let’s head on over to and get started.

On the main page, there’s a link that says “Account Sign-up” near the upper left corner of the page. Just provide a little bit of information, read and agree to the To S, and we’re on our way.

That said, however, I think that building a web-based bot has more potential for being a rewarding challenge, if you have (or are willing to learn) the necessary skills.

Before I set out to create my first chatbot, Morti ( I took a look at several of the options available to me; and since I already had a fair amount of knowledge and experience with web design, web programming, and database management, and since I already had a place where I could host my own chatbot, I decided to take the most difficult route, and host my bot myself, which allowed me to control every aspect of my bot.

it’s up to you now to turn your bot into the conversational genius and paragon of dialogue that you’ve always dreamed your bot could become.

6.) Learning The Language The manual has a much more comprehensive explanation of the syntax of the scripting language than i’ll outline here, but i’ll briefly touch on a couple of lines, and explain what they mean. : (when will you go home) I go home tomorrow This is a typical question “tag” (?

2.) Download Chat Script The Chat Script app can be downloaded at

The package is in zip format, which every version of windows from xp onward can handle without having a zip extracting program.

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Basically, there are several options available to the prospective new botmaster for creating a new chatbot, and while I can’t cover every option here, I’ll try to briefly cover some of the more popular options, citing advantages and disadvantages of each.In addition to the skills I mentioned above, I also had to be VERY familiar with the following: All told, I’ve probably put in well over 1,000 hours into Morti over the last 10 months, though the initial creation process only took me about a day to complete.The rest of that time has been taken up by experimenting with Morti’s script, updating and modifying his responses, and discovering other areas of improvement; and I still have a long way to go before I’ll have the bot I envisioned in the beginning.Download it to a location where you can easily find it (many people suggest downloading it to the desktop.I don’t, because that just makes a mess over time).2.) Plan Your Bot I’m sure that by now you’re eager to jump right in and start making your new bot, but let’s take a step back, and think about things for a moment.


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