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is famous for its location on an elevated tufa plateau and for its spectacular Gothic cathedral, visible from miles around.The exceptional views commanded by Orvieto, as well as the beautiful skyline of the town itself, can be best enjoyed from the top of the 13 C Torre del Moro.Norcia is also especially famous for its pork products.At the very least, try a plate of pork sausages and lentils during your visit.For the Corsa, three brightly-costumed teams run from the main square in front of the Palazzo dei Consoli up the steep hillside to the Basilica of S.Ubaldo, each team carrying a statue of its saint, weighing around 280 kg.The Renaissance was undoubtedly born in Tuscany but it flowered equally in Umbria where every town, even when its character is essentially mediaeval, is the home of wonderful Renaissance architecture.And, like every region of Italy, Umbria has its own cuisine and not a few towns known for their specialities, Norcia being the most famous.

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in terms of historical hills towns and beautiful countryside.

Along with Tuscany and Sicily, Umbria has sizeable cypress forests in addition to pine and chestnut.

, the capital of the region of Umbria, is arguably the foremost town in Umbria for art and architecture.

It is a town of considerable charm in its own right that should not be missed by anyone interested in Etruscan history and architecture, and in High Renaissance art.


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