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After retiring from competition in 1989, he stayed active in Native Games as an ambassador, board member, coach and mentor. One of the most successful girls high school basketball coaches in Alaska history, Bingham won 280 games in 14 seasons at East Anchorage. Junior National Team and NCAA Division I Seattle University.She also won three Class 4A state championships and helped more than 100 girls play college basketball. Now she works as a recreation supervisor at the Fairview Community Recreation Center in Anchorage. But you can submit a recommendation for consideration any time of the year.

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Every two to three years we run a Rescue & Emergency Care (REC) First Aid course.She posted seven top-10 World Cup finishes and was a member of the U. women’s relay team that won a historic bronze medal in 2012. As a mountain runner, she has won events including Mount Marathon, Lost Lake and Bird Ridge.One of Alaska’s first college wrestling stars in the 1970s, he later was instrumental in starting the state’s Pop Warner Association for youth football and cheerleading in 1997.The club is open to all members of the public and is intended to promote kayaking and canoeing in a cross community environment.We are mostly non-competitive and we aim to encourage people to feel safe and confident in a white water or sea environment.The furthest trip has been a 14 day sea kayaking expedition to Alaska.


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