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Student filmmakers will address this concept with a diverse array of experimental shorts that include diary films, surrealism, psychogeography, and documentaries.

Juxtaposed Reality aims to challenge our perception of film, culture, media, and reality itself.

Director: Michael Showalter Producer: Judd Apatow Stars: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter ! Synopsis: A pizza boy unknowingly goes a house off from his delivery and finds himself captured to be used as a sacrifice for a basement cult's God.

In a battle of bloody carnage, the pizza boy must escape if he is to ever deliver another Italian pie again... 10 minutes)STARRINGCarson Allen Brom, George Jones, Quentin Hayes, Sophie Midles, Connor Carlson, and Derek Housh Our Website: Facebook: https:// Taste Pictures Meat Lovers Facebook Event: https:// Roy Payamal is the wildest busker of a country ranked the world’s most emotionless society.

Throughout the night we will also have trivia questions, videos, pizza, and prizes!

We will be hosting Rad Edu's screenings of Craig Atkinson's documentary DO NOT RESIST throughout the month of February, starting this Saturday (2/11) at .

Dylan Greenberg (2017); USA, 120m Starring: Amanda Flowers, Jurgen Azazel Munster, Aurelio Voltaire, Alan Merrill, Schooly-D, and Lloyd Kaufman Join us in honoring Trans Day of Remembrance a few days early with an incredibly inventive film from independent trans-filmmaker Dylan Greenberg.

While Romero shrugs off the notion of his film serving as social commentary, its readings and context cannot be ignored, a black actor starring in a film about race.This outrageous slasher flick invites your heckles, laughs, screams, and wit for one night only!"Juxtaposed Realities" is a showcase of experimental films made by students in the film program of Portland State University. The name comes from the very nature of film form itself; how does a reality arise when you juxtapose images?If There’s a Hell Below Directed by Nathan Williams Oregon/Washington, 2015, 94 min.The Devout Directed by Connor Gaston British Columbia, 2015, 100 min.Using an arsenal of homages and spins off of classic and modern horror, Re-Agitator is bound to satisfy a weird and experimental itch.


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