Great expectations dating scam

DENVER (CBS4)– Looking for love, that’s what some Denver singles were hoping to find but claim they got swindled out of thousands of dollars.

Some customers of the dating service, Mile High Singles, have filed complaints with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

When he got on the database, he says it was under 100 women in his demo. A second customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, told CBS4, “It’s a scam.” A third woman we spoke with, who also wants to remain anonymous, says she too found many “inactive” members.

The third woman paid ,000 dollars for her membership.

I know for a fact they do not do extensive background checks as they stated as I saw a co-worker on the site and know for a fact he had had several run in with the law and also psychiatric problems.

They are the most dissapointing service provider ever! You are not allowed to rescind, there is no such thing...

“The one time they reached out to me,” she said, “They sent me three people – one of which was a woman.” These members took their frustrations to attorney Todd Macintosh and filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office. paid different amounts of money, got different results, all of which were negative results,” said Macintosh. they were all told no.” Dee Dee Hirsch, Director of Mile High Singles, said they have a database of 2,800 people and maintain an “A ” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Great Expectations was prosecuted in Washington, ordered make “honest proposals” and refund some customers.

Just don't want their fee for such a rip company hanging over my head.

This is from April 2008 when I was originally scammed.

I don't have money for attorney at this time so I guess I'll just have a fool for a client and represent myself.

I only paid them 0 and could care less about getting that back.


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